Event Explorer

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Event Explorer

Currently in closed beta, for customers on the Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise plans. Please contact your customer success manager for access.


Learning a new analytics system comes with inevitable confusion about the event taxonomy: “Should I query ‘Signup,’ ‘Sign-Up,’ ‘signup,’ or sign_up’?” With Event Explorer, Amplitude has completely reimagined the learning experience for new analytics users. 


The interactive tool tracks your designated user ID as you interact with your own product features, and displays their corresponding Amplitude events and properties in real-time. You can also apply these events and properties to charts directly from Event Explorer. So whether you’re a first-time Amplitude user trying to ramp up, or an experienced user analyzing a new feature, you can click around your product, locate the correct event names, and build analysis in one seamless experience.



Been playing around this feature for a while now. It’s a real win for QA’ing events for multiple apps using your login/user id. :raised_hands_tone1: