Notebook Presentation Mode

The Collaboration pillar at Amplitude aims to enable report creators to easily share insights with the report consumers, which in turn powers data-informed discussions and decisions as a team. Many creators use notebooks to create easily digestible and engaging reports, ultimately making Amplitude their dependable, regular source of analytics distribution and consumption.

This week we’ve extended Notebook's distribution abilities with Presentation Mode, which allows creators to easily share insights without ever having to leave Amplitude. Check out the demo video below, try it out, and share your feedback with us!


This looks like a useful feature!

Few notes from Mac + Firefox:

  • If there is a long in-chart comment attached to a chart, the chart itself may be cut off from the bottom. Not an easy thing to solve, though.
  • The logic for scrolling down by pressing on the down arrow feels bit inconsistent. If the notebook has alternating text and charts, sometimes it stops to highlight a specific text field, sometimes it skips it. This seems to be related to the height of the text field, but I’d expect the scrolling to stop at each of these fields.
  • Scrolling upwards by pressing up arrow on the keyboard does not work. I’ve seen it work properly very occasionally, but usually the view nudges upwards a bit, but does not actually scroll to the previous element.
  • Scrolling with page down/up also seems to lack a real logic. It does not necessarily highlight anything.
  • Is the only away out of the presentation mode the browser back button? This feels awkward. Pressing ESC takes you out of the fullscreen view, but the Amplitude sidebar and other controls are still gone, so it does not really leave the presentation mode.