Predictive Cohorts

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Predictive Cohorts

Available to Growth and Enterprise customers who purchased the Engage add-on.


Sending the right message to the right user at the right time is a shared goal for all marketers, but it’s not common practice. That’s because effective personalization, like Netflix or Spotify recommendations, requires machine learning systems that are prohibitively expensive. Until now. 


Predictive Cohorts by Amplitude employs machine learning to target users based on future behaviors, not past behaviors. This is a monumental shift in how you build audiences and find the right users to target. Simply select a target behavior or outcome like activation, retention, or LTV, and Predictive Cohorts will group users based on their likelihood to achieve it. Next, you can further analyze the group in Amplitude to understand their preferences, and send them a personalized experience through Amplitude Engage partners including Braze, Facebook, and LaunchDarkly. 


Learn more about Predictive Cohorts, and how to personalize your customer experiences here.



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