Reporting on Time to Value in Amplitude

  • 31 May 2022
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Hi Guys! 

I’m fairly new to Amplitude and have been asked to try to find our TTV (time to value) for a specific event in Amplitude. This would be mapping from when the user first encounters our product to the specific event firing. 

I have tried using a Funnel report with the time to conversion from Any Event to the Form Submission event but my manager isn’t sure if it is correct. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for other methods to report to Time to Value?

Thank you!


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Hi @jusbruers.

Welcome to the Community!

Ideally to track this sort of funnel, you would use some sort of an anchor event which determines the very first interaction of a new user. e.g. a user signing up and the next event as your value event.

Something like this chart.

To validate the funnel, you can pick up some users from the dropped off and converted view and see why they weren’t/were counted as converted in the funnel.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly.


Hi @Saish Redkar!
Thanks so much for your response!

I can see where we’re struggling now, we’re trying to track all users to the the sign up event essentially, so we don’t have that initial anchor event. 

I’ll go back and discuss with my manager. Thank you so much for your insight!