Why Google Analytics and Amplitude provide different results for the event "Page View"

  • 12 May 2022
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I am using both Google Analytics and Amplitude to track users behavior in my CMS. However, for the specific event “Page View”, I have different numbers of events in both tools, while I track them in the same way.


How do I track the event page view: 

  • when the DOM is ready, we sent the Website Page Viewed event.
  • for GA, we use Google Tag Manager to track the events
  • for Amplitude, we use the Amplitude JS library



  • On Google Analytics, for a given month:  27 900 events
  • On Amplitude: 26 738 events for a given month


Any ideas what could be the source of the problem?


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Hey @Nolwww 

This has been a frequently asked question in the community when users are trying to match the numbers from their Google Analytics and Amplitude implementation.

Assuming the core implementation between all your tools is correctly setup, I can help point out some resources which can help you understand the discrepancies when comparing Amplitude numbers with  other tools :


Hope these resources will be helpful.