What's your favourite tracking event from your product?

  • 9 September 2022
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I love to track interesting things beyond pageviews, screens, clicks and taps - very specific and detailed interactions that are revealing about how a user is using a product. Here are 3 of my favourite things I’ve tracking and why:

  1. Piano Key Played: in my piano tuition app, each time they played a key (or several) on their real piano I would track it and whether or not it was correct. Tracking audio events!
  2. App Screen Screenshotted: some years ago, to understand the screens in an app that a user was most keen to save or share. Not sure this is in line with data privacy anymore!
  3. Relationship Ended: bit sad maybe, but for a relationship app I work on we track when users report that their relationships end. Interesting to see (and try to predict) how long they will last!

What’s your favourite from your product and why?

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