What is own data storage of Amplitude ?

  • 10 October 2021
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  2. Can I receive credentials to connect to Amplitude data storage of my project ?

Best answer by Saish Redkar 11 October 2021, 02:51

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Hey @Ira F 

If I’m interpreting your question correctly here, you want to know the ways to get access to raw data of your Amplitude project , correct?

  • If you are a paid customer, then you can setup recurring exports of your project data to the cloud destination of your choice ( S3, Snowflake, GCS ) directly from the Amplitude UI. 
  • If you are not on a paid plan, then you can leverage the Export API and create your own custom ETL pipeline to store your raw data.
  • There is also the Query add-on feature which allows you to query raw data via a Amplitude-managed Snowflake database.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, @Saish Redkar , I too want know what is own storage of Amplitude - even if I not have direct access it can help me to evaluate speed. 
Is it Snowflake ? - “Query add-on feature which allows you to query raw data via a Amplitude-managed Snowflake database.”
If I understand right this ad-on is not free. But I not found variant to pay for this ad-on only to use it with free plan.

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I believe they have something developed in-house. You can read more about the Nova architecture here.


Saish Redkar, thank you again, it’s interesting