What are the means to import data from Microsoft Azure Data Explorer ?

  • 2 September 2021
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Hello there,
I have my product (a device) data stored in Microsoft Azure Data Explorer. The important events that happened in the device are captured and stored in json format in a table with time-stamp and device-identifier.

How to import this data to Amplitude for analytics? Is there some form of connector for Microsoft Azure Data Explorer?

I have seen the Batch API. Is it the only way to import in my case? What tool do you suggest here , a python script or NodeJS Amplitude SDK to write script to download data from our database and use Batch API to import in Amplitude ?  



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More info:
Consider it like an enterprise device or equipment e.g. printer or a projector in meeting room. All these device are sending events to cloud services and eventually stored in Azure Data Explorer database.
The intention is to import the data of all devices in Amplitude to understand how its being used.

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Hey @vjbhakta 
Currently I don’t think there is any native integration built in Amplitude for importing data from Azure Data Explorer. The most popular ones from a database import perspective will be S3 and Snowflake.

One approach would be to check if there is any direct integration between Segment and Azure Data Explorer, and then import via Segment.

If not, then the Batch API approach looks like a viable solution.

I’m not too familiar with how the NodeJS Amplitude SDK works in this situation, but a custom ETL pipeline written in Python or any other framework/tools should be good enough depending on the scale of your import.


Hope this helps!