Verb + Object event naming vs event list usability

  • 27 December 2021
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I’m just getting started with Amplitude, and second-guessing the recommendation to name events as Verb + Object.

In my experience using other analytics tools, Object + Verb is much better in that when you are looking/scrolling through the list of events they are all grouped together (because that list is sorted alphabetically).

Anyone really prefer Verb + Object for some reasons I’m not realizing?
Anyone using Object + Verb and regret it?

1 reply

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Hi @davidfrahm ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community! :wave:

Since I’m an Amplitude employee, I probably won’t be giving you the perspective you are looking for but I do want to share that, from Amplitude’s point of view, the main point we want to emphasize is to standardize the event naming convention. Verb + Object or Object + Verb, either way will work so long as you keep to one way which will help your employees and avoid confusion. The Verb + Object suggestion is based on how we organize our taxonomy (granted we do also add a categorization in the beginning so “chart: create new chart”) but it is not necessarily what all of our customers follow.

Hopefully my reply bumps up your post in case other Amplitude users missed your post over the holidays and can share their thoughts on this discussion!