TypeError: Failed to fetch

  • 15 September 2022
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I’m getting a lot of log errors with the messages:


console error: Amplitude Logger [Error]: TypeError: Failed to fetch



console error: Amplitude Logger [Error]: TypeError: Load failed


We are using de JS Library on a Nuxt App. Any ideias about how to fix it?


5 replies

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Hello @fernando nice to meet you!


Can you link to the version of the JS SDK you are using, please?

Are you referring to this JS SDK, here?

@eddie.gaona I’m using the typescript version


We have an saas and use Datadog to monitoring our logs. For some reason, we are we are receiving a lot of this Amplitude errors.


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@fernando Thank you for the information!

Are you unable to log events to your project or do some events get ingested and others don’t? Can you share how you are initializing the SDK but remove any sensitive data such as the API Key.

Hi @eddie.gaona , we receive around 1MM events a month.


I don’t think I can share my code because there is a lot of business logic. Maybe you can check a live example? 

You can fill this form and see the events been post

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Hello @fernando no worries makes sense! I will check out internally and return with updates once they are available. Thank you!