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  • 29 December 2021
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We offer annual and monthly subscriptions. 

We have Subscription Added and Subscription Edited events coming from Stripe through Segment.  

I’m thinking we’ll want to know the subscription type (annual or monthly) on those events, so those events would have a “subscription type” property.

I’m also thinking that the user and account will also benefit from having a similar property for subscription type.

Sound right?

Are there other properties that should be tied to those those track events or set on the user and accounts?


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3 replies

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 Hi @pindelicato ,


Thanks for writing into the Community! Great to see it being active!


In my own opinion, I think you have the right idea. The Subscription Event itself would have the subscription_type for an annual or monthly subscription. You could have this as an event property OR have it as a user property in that event and then you can update it if it were to change in the future. I think subscripton_type as a user property is ideal, especially as you can look at the user composition chart on that property then.


Are there other properties that should be tied to those those track events or set on the user and accounts?

I think this is better discovered later as you implement but off the top of my head, you might also want to track revenue for the event, as well as any other user properties such as how they paid (card or cash, for example), which plan etc. This would depend on your overall use case but your subscription_type idea is right on the money! :)


I hope this helps! Let me know if I can help in any other way.


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@pindelicato sorry to highjack this post but I have a follow up question for @Denis Holmes 


Say the user performs Subscription Added and this sets the event property AND the user property subscription_type = monthly. The same user then performs Subscription Edited with the event property subscription_type = annual and the user property subscription_type is also updated to annual.


If I ran a segmentation analysis on the Subscription Edited event where the event property subscription_type = annual, and then grouped by the user property subscription_type, would the user property subscription_type show monthly or annual? When they performed the event, the user property subscription_type was monthly, but after the event it was annual. Just curious to know what we’d see in the chart. 

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Hi @SheenaGreen !


Happy to help! 


So in that case, if you are sending the event Subscription_Edited and in that event, the event property subscription_type=annual at the time of the event, then it would appear under annual in the event segmentation chart, as that was the value when the event occurred. If you were to do something like Subscription_Edited where the property is still monthly. And then do another event after to update it to annual, the group by on the event property would show monthly as that was the value at the time of the event. However, if we were to group by current user properties(not related to any event), the user would show up as annual as it is their most recent value for that user property. If we were to group by user properties on that Subscription_Edited event, it would still be monthly as that was the value at the time of the event. Does that make sense?

Let me know if that helps! You can also create a test project environment for yourself and send in HTTP API events too with these conditions to test! If I can help in any other way, let me know!


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