To check the data without internal users

  • 7 September 2021
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Hi I would like to know how to exclude certain users.

As we’ve launched our new app recently,

we think that some data can be biased as we collect our data from test phones and 
our phones. 

And we thought that it would be better to exclude the internal data from the data

First, we have done certain actions in our personal app to fire certain event to know his or her user ID and amplitude ID in the user lookup

then we tried to exclude this ID from the chart as below chart


However it didn’t change any data. seems like the user were not excluded by doing this.

If there’s any other way to successfully exclude internal user from deluting some data,

can you please let me know?


Also, if this can be done in govern section, rather than doing it in every chart that I am making, that would be even better.



with best regards, Flor Cho


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4 replies

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Hey @flor.cho! Check out how to this FAQ to learn how to block out and filter internal users:

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Thanks a lot! this is exactly what I have thought about:)


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Actually I have one more thing to ask.

I have already tried excluding the users with the amplitude ID, by collecting amplitude ID of our internal users.

However, looks like it isn’t working. I cannot check any other active event from event segmentation chart when I chose the user with the amplitude ID

I found this user in the user look-up



Can you help to let me know why this isn’t working?



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Hi @flor.cho! I am so sorry for missing this message of yours. Do you still need help with troubleshooting this?