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  • 20 September 2021
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In our Web App we use Segment’s Page call to track page events.

We can select the event in Amplitude but there is no event traffic coming through.

These are our Segment settings:

and in Amplitude:



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Good morning @rroestorf ,


When setting up Segment and Amplitude together, did you read this article about it? There’s also one here by Segment. I would ensure that everything is set up correctly and read the two articles in detail when doing so. Ensure you have the right API Key too. Is there any data coming into Amplitude? Or none whatsoever? It usually is an implementation issue. I would also look at your govern to make sure you are not blocking anything accidentally. 


If you’ve read through these documentation and still encountering issues, would you be so kind as to PM me your organization and project and any other details about the issue and I will submit a ticket. Thank you!