No Sessions on Segment integration with Amplitude Actions

  • 7 February 2022
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In Segment, I have two JS sources for our Test and Production environments. And the respective destinations to Amplitude Actions.

Both destinations share the same configuration. Nevertheless, I see sessions in the Test environment but not in the Production environment.

  • Page calls & Track calls Mappings for Session ID in both destinations are configured as so:
  • If I look at the raw events in the debugger, page and track events from both the Test & Production Environments come with an “integrations” object:
"integrations": {
"Actions Amplitude": {
"session_id": 1644244386047


  • In Amplitude, Test & Production projects share the same session definition:
  • Nevertheless, in Amplitude I can see sessions in session charts for Test project but not for the Production project.

Any ideas why this is not working on Production?


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Hi @dcerecedo! This sounds strange indeed. I will open a Support ticket for you to follow up with you to get more details on your org.