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  • 1 July 2021
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Hello All!

I am trying to send event data from Kochava to Amplitude however I am running into an issue. I am trying to send events from users who find us organically (not through a tracking link) and I am being told that Amplitude doesn’t have a fall back to capture device_id and Kochava doesn’t know what the fall back should be. 


This is what Kochava is telling me:

For mobile apps, our integration automatically falls back to the user's device id (ADID for android or IDFA/IDFV for iOS) as the transaction ID when no transaction id is present.  In web and mobile web, the actual device ID (ADID, IDFA, IDFV) is not able to be captured.  Our Web SDK will generate a Kochava Device ID for our system to be able to tie web traffic together for a specific user, but the existing web integration with Amplitude does not have logic in place to fall back to the Kochava Device ID when no transaction ID is available for the web install or event traffic.  We could put this in place, but this is a global change that will impact all Kochava users currently utilizing our integration with Amplitude for web traffic.  Additionally, this type of change takes time and dev resources on our side.  So, we need Amplitude to confirm that our system passing the Kochava Device ID as the transaction ID when no other value is present will be able to be ingested by their system and will not break anything for existing users.  Until we have this confirmation from Amplitude, we are not able to make this change.   


Anyone find any work around or anyone I can connect with to figure this out?


Best and thanks!

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Hi @Ryans_Waffle,

Kochava uses our Attribution API to send data to our platform. We’ve got some great content on how users typically get identified with this API, but you can read about this here: 

However, Amplitude merges users with a combination of user_id, amplitude_id, and device_id values. Passing in the Kochava Device ID as the transaction ID will most likely create a user property for transaction ID which is not a unique user identifier in our platform so it shouldn’t affect user merging, but I recommend reviewing our docs on how users merge together so that you are still correctly attributing your users with the right identifier. 

If you have users that you’re trying to send events to in Amplitude, you’ll need to ensure that you are mapping the events to the right attribution parameters as well as sending an Amplitude event as detailed in the first article listed above.

Otherwise, hope this helps!