Is it possible to ignore user in a funnel and to hold a property consistent instead?

  • 11 November 2021
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We’ve got a funnel of events that can be completed by multiple users, but they would all have a common “company” property. Is it possible to hold an event property constant across a funnel rather than the user id? Our current funnel drops any company who progresses across multiple users.


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Hey @Neel 

You can use the holding constant clause if you have instrumented the desired property for every event in your funnel. More on that here -

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


Thanks, Saish. I’ve given this a try already, and I don’t think it’s quite right. It seems like this is a method of making sure a session only progresses down the funnel if both the user and the property are the same. I want to totally disregard user, and I only want to see if there are events with a given property that go down the funnel.


We have multiple companies that use our product, and each company has multiple users. I would like to be able to tell if some combination of multiple users from a given company progress down the funnel. When I holding constant clause, it still doesn’t seem to catch the fact that many of these companies are progressing down the funnel because it isn’t a single user all along the way.

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Hey Neel,

Thanks for clarifying the use case. Have you tried filtering the funnel events on that particular property? If you have instrumented group properties, then a chart like this might help. To my understanding, this focuses on counting unique accounts completing the funnel instead of users.

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Hey @Neel! I am not sure if you figured this out, but wanted to point out that Amplitude has an add-on feature called Accounts that addresses this exact use case: It is a paid feature though!