Implement event tracking at Merchant level rather than user level

  • 24 December 2021
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We work on a similar concept as Shopify, except for the Market Place concept, the Merchant brings the audience (called consumers from here on) to the platform and they are the one who make the purchase, choose among options available and sometime just drop off without actually availing the service. We however want to track data at a merchant level as they are our real drivers. I can still track individual merchant using custom filters in initial steps.

However i want to track things like the most in demand merchant, merchants who are getting repeat orders/have repeat customers., average number of products they have on platform, average revenue per merchant

Could you suggest how to go about that either with consumer level recording and modifying report configuration in Amplitude or altogether fresh implementation in Amplitude from scratch to track data at Merchant level



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Hi @thejain! From the sound of it, it might be worth it to create a new project to track the user as merchant, while leaving the current project you have to track the data on a consumer level, since your key metrics of the two types of users seem very different. The Data Taxonomy Playbook we have might be of use here: