Impact of multiple property values on 'where' and 'group by'

  • 26 January 2022
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Suppose the event stream for a single user is:

  • Monday: ImpressionEvent #1 topic=(none)
  • Tuesday: ImpressionEvent #2 topic=dogs
  • Wednesday: ImpressionEvent #3 topic=cats

If I group-by ‘topic’ for the last 7 days, which value is used for the grouping? What about filter?

What I’m seeing is that the earliest value of `topic` is used in the group-by → but that has the consequence that some users with topic=(none) in the segmentation chart, actually have topic=cats when you inspect the user profile page.

Is this the expected behavior of am I doing this wrong?


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Hey @mikewillekes 

Here’s an Amplitude article which explains the above scenario really well -

So when you are clicking on the topic=(none) group in your event segmentation chart , here’s the most likely scenario - that user would have sent the event with topic=(none) as the property at that time and then they would have sent their last event with topic = cats ( which is the latest reflected property in the user profile ).

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.