I deleted a custom event, and I have no way to get it back... :(

  • 1 March 2022
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Hello! I just deleted a custom event. However, I want it back. I know that there is a way to undelete it, but it is not working…

To put you in context, I am in:

Govern > Events

I selected "Deleted" in the dropdown next to the search bar but then I see that the deleted event is not there… It says that latest deleted custom events were deleted a few weeks ago and by another co-worker…

So… the question is… where is the custom event that I have deleted in order to undelete it?

I'd really appreciate your help

Thanks :)


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Hey @mariocamus 

From what I understand, undeleting doesn’t apply to a custom event since it doesn’t impact any underlying raw event data. You can delete/block/hide  only the events and properties that you are sending and undelete/unblock/unhide them whenever you want later.

However, you will still be able to see that the custom event was created/deleted in your Govern page’s changelog. In your case, you might have to recreate your custom event.

I would wait for a Platform Specialist to confirm this one.

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Hello Mario,
Thanks for writing in, happy to answer! 
Unfortunately, deleting a custom event removes the grouping of events in that custom event so there is no way to undelete it at the moment.

You will have to recreate the custom event in Govern as all the events that made up the custom event should still be available.

Apologies that restoring the event is not available at the moment but hope this helps! 

Best regards,