How do we avoid sending “Viewed /-” or “Loaded a Page” events to Amplitude from Segment?

  • 3 February 2021
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How do we avoid sending “Viewed /-” or “Loaded a Page” events to Amplitude?


Our event type names are coming from Segment into Amplitude in a very unpredicted manner  - specifically for event type names.
We have even maxed our event limit.



Sometimes this points to underlying issues within your Segment ▶️Amplitude Destination settings - specifically for event type names.This leads to noisy events in your Amplitude taxonomy (and can even max your event limit!), like this: 

  • Amplitude’s Best Practice: Add the page’s URL as an event property rather than event name. 

    • For Page/Screen call settings in Segment: it’s better to surface how Page and Screen calls are transformed via the integration and sent to Amplitude. Right now this is located within the Amplitude Destination settings (so you’ll need to click into the settings to read the description) or in Segment's documentation.

    • You may also be noticing a relative of the same issue - maxing out event types: In this case, when an Amplitude customer (with or without Segment) maxes out their event type quota, Amplitude will still ingest and collect the data. However, these event types will not show in the events dropdown, but will continue to appear in your user activity.



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