How can I change the user ID in sendgrid integration

  • 23 February 2022
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From the doc, we can integrate SendGrid stat with Amplitude,

However, the user ID would be email so we won’t match the right user interaction.


NOTE: By default, Sendgrid will send events with the email address as the user ID. If you use a different key, you'll want to attach a unique_arg to all of your email events called amp_user_id and assign the Amplitude user ID to that value. Then Amplitude will send events using that value as the user ID.


In the note, it says I have to attach unique_arg but I couldn’t find a way to set this up in sendgrid. Is there a more detailed tutorial on how to change the user ID?



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Thanks for this interesting information!

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Hi @yaqi ! Thanks for your question.

Since unique_arg is a value to send from SendGrid, I went ahead and checked SendGrid’s help docs for more information:

It may help to reach out to SendGrid’s support team for more specific SendGrid expertise as well.

Hope that helps!

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