Funnel issue on drop-off

  • 6 July 2022
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Hello Everyone,

We are trying to track people who have dropped out of our funnel and I have a very strange results.

When I click on users who dropped of the step 3, lot of them actually performed the event they have been counted as a drop off. I have checked, it is not a conversion window issue as they have been performing the event during the conversion window. (10 days)

That is really strange to me and except a bug I don’t see how it is possible to have such results.

If someone could help me on that, that would be very great. Thanks



Best answer by Nehita I. 7 July 2022, 14:35

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Hi @arthurprnt ,

Thanks for writing in to the Amplitude Community! This is Nehita from Amplitude Support, happy to help with this. 

I’ve had a look, and I can see that for those users who dropped off at step 3 but did perform the event, the event was not performed within the conditions specified and so the users would not have qualified as being included in that step of the funnel. For example, I have located a user who did perform the event at step 3, but it was over 10 days after performing the first event, and so this would not have counted as step 3 of the funnel. 

For privacy reasons I won’t be able to provide specific details of that user here, but I will contact you directly to provide more detailed information.