Discrepancy between unique daily and monthly total values for same time period

  • 17 January 2022
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Having a bit of a conundrum here :thinking: I want to know how many new users have performed a certain event (in this case a custom event actually) in a given time frame, in my case 1 November to 30 November 2021.

I’ve created an event segmentation looking at My Custom Event (doesn’t matter if I choose just one of the two constituent events) for New users within the time range specified above. I have selected Uniques and then a Bar chart (doesn’t matter if it’s a Line chart and I switch to Total Value, same effect).

If I switch between Daily and Monthly (Weekly changes the date range in the above date range because of the particulars of the dates) I get totally different numbers: 113 and 307 respectively.

I’ve tried to validate this in different ways. For example, I’ve created another graph where I’m looking at Any Event performed by New users who have performed My Custom Event >= 1 any time during the above date range, and I’m getting 307 for both Daily and Monthly.

This leads me to believe there’s a bug in the first view? Or am I missing something here? 

Thanks! :v:


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Hi there! When looking at event segmentation charts that use Daily intervals, the user will have to 1) meet the criteria in the right panel/user segmentation portion of the chart configuration (in your case, the criteria is they are new) and 2) meet the criteria in the left-panel/event segmentation portion of the chart configuration (in your case, performing My Custom Event) in each day.

So if a user was new on Nov 2nd, but didn’t perform My Custom Event until Nov 4, they would not be counted in the chart using Daily intervals.

On the other hand, using Monthly intervals requires that the criteria is met within the same month. So since the user above was new AND performed My Custom Event in November, they will be counted in the chart using Monthly intervals.



Of course :face_palm: Thank you @SheenaGreen 

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Completely agree with @SheenaGreen , I do not have much to add as that is an excellent breakdown of what is happening! I have marked this post as answered :)