Deletion List - will amplitude delete our account?

  • 28 September 2021
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We are a young start-up and have never given much thought to what we track in a meaningful way. So when in doubt, we used to track a lot. This helps us now to improve our product step by step. But we are still a long way from turning it into a profitable business. 

We have already exceeded the event limit a few times and today we received a letter from an Amplitude employee stating that we have been marked on a deletion list. If we don't upgrade, our account could be deleted. 

I always thought that only the access to the portal is temporarily blocked.


Have any of you had this before?
Do we really have to fear that our account will be deleted now?

We just can't afford to upgrade yet.





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When you signed up for the free plan, you agreed to certain terms and conditions. Those give Amplitude the right to delete your account and data.

On the other hand, their business is selling their service, so I expect they’d much rather have a deal with you than automatically delete everything. I’d reach out to them and see if you can come to some sort of agreement.

And meanwhile, do something to your current instrumentation. The way you desciribe your approach does not make it sounds very sustainable, no matter what kind of plan you are using. There are plenty of ways to trim down the number of events without losing anything meaningful.

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Hey @Huch ,

Agree with Mikko here. Also, since you mentioned that you are with a young start-up, you can read about Amplitude’s Scholarship Plan if you haven’t already. Hope this helps!