Deleting event types

  • 2 September 2021
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I deleted all event types from Govern page, but I see still says I exceeded 2000 event types - “Your instrumentation is approaching the maximum allowed number event types or properties.” and no new events are being logged. 

How can I fix this?

1 reply

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Hi @sasanktk - welcome to the Amplitude Community!

I have a few questions to better understand your situation:

  1. Are you still running into this warning message? (If not, let us know and we can close this thread)
  2. Do you have multiple projects in your organization? If so, were you able to determine which project was at or over the instrumentation limit? It’s possible the warning message is for a different project.
  3. How long ago did you delete all of the events? It might take some time for the system to refresh and see how many events have been deleted.

I also recommend reading this article about instrumentation limits:

Looking forward to your response!