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  • 12 October 2021
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I have bunch of related questions.

I’m in the UK, since Brexit, does anyone know if that means I should have EU data residency?

When I signed up I’m sure I would have chosen EU data residency if Id spotted it as an option, but I don’t have screenshots of my signup and so I’m not 100% sure what I did.

Is it possible to see where my data is resident in the Org Settings?


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4 replies

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Hey @lewis42 

As far as I can see in my org settings (US customer), there isn’t anything UI facing which tells me where the data is residing. This might be something you can ask directly by raising a support ticket and sharing your org details there.

The only way I can think of getting to that answer yourself will be to try accessing any Dashboard REST API endpoint using the EU Residency Server and see if that returns a valid response. If my understanding is correct, you should get a valid response if your data is in the EU Server.<any_dashboard_api>


Hope this helps a little bit.

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Thank you for your input @Saish Redkar! You are correct - there’s no way to view this information within org settings. 

@lewis42 - at the moment, only paying customers who have been manually added by an Amplitude employee are in the EU Data Center. Are you on our Starter plan? If yes, your data is hosted in the US.



Hi @jmagg 

I’m concern by your EU compliancy too.

Is there any news regarding EU Data Center for Starter plan or is it still only restricted for paying customers ?

Many thanks

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Hi @smalot - I’ll DM you!