Can I know about how many users uninstall the application ?

  • 27 August 2021
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I want to know how may users uninstall the application.

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Hi @miteshmakwana

I understand you want to track how many users have uninstalled your app.


Are you tracking any events that will reflect the users uninstalling the app? E.g. “uninstall app”. If so, you can set up an event seg chart that looks at “Uniques” who have performed this event in the past 30 days for example, to see how many users have done so. 


Or are you perhaps tracking the uninstallation as a user property? If so, you can either use an event seg chart similar looking at “Uniques” who have performed Any Event where user property = Uninstalled, or use the User Composition chart to look at the breakdown of users with the user property Uninstalled as their most recent value.