Amplitude web vs Snowflake Data

  • 31 May 2022
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Hello. I'm comparing amplitude data we get in snowflake vs what we see in amplitude web funnel analysis and we have more count of events in Snowflake. Why is this and is it possible to get a perfect match to amplitude web? I'm holding session id constant and doing the same in snowflake SQL.


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Hey @LibiSC 

I haven’t personally compared funnels conversion numbers between Snowflake and Amplitude yet, but here are a few of things I like to check when comparing my ingested data from Snowflake.

  • Comparing between Uniques vs Totals
  • Timezone in your Amplitude project vs Snowflake
  • Number of dropped events while ingestion

From what I understand, getting a perfect match might not be realistic given that the funnel chart uses some custom parameters which could be tricky to replicate in Snowflake. But this could be a good learning exercise from my experience.


Hope this helps!