Amplitude Sessions and Attribution

  • 23 September 2022
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Hello Everybody my question(s) is as followed :)


Scenario let’s say a user lands on a landing page from an ad with all the UTM parameters in place and does the following: (please note that all the following are tracked with Segment)

  1. Page View(anonymous → tracked with Segment cloud Javascript Integration) on subdomainA
  2. Lead Submitted( identified →  on subdomainA ) server side segment cloud
  3. Page view (identified → subdomainB) javascript segment cloud
  4. checkout started (identified → subdomainB) javascript segment cloud
  5. order completed (identified → subdomainB) server side segment cloud
  6. meeting calendar viewed and booked (identified → subdomainB) server side segment cloud


In addition to that, my session settings are that they are grouped together by session id.


I noticed the following behavior for starters; that the client side events that were happening on subdomainA have the same session ID, and that the client side tracked events that happened on subdomainB are grouped by a seperate session ID. 


I also noticed that the server side tracked cloud events from Segment, all have session ID as “-1”.


My 3 questions are as follow:


Question 1: Even though there are 3 different sessions created (that really all belong to the same session and are all accomplished within 30 minutes), if the UTM parameters are only sent on the very first page view of Step 1. Will all the subsequent events and conversion still be attributed to those initial UTM parameters? 


Question 1b: let’s say if that same user 4 days later, performs additional conversion events for different products, after coming from a different UTM source. Will those latest events be attributed to the latest UTM parameters? or to the initial?


Question 2: if the answer to my first question is no, is there a way inside of amplitude that I can stitch the 3 sessions together? Ideally I would like group all the events performed by a single user with a single user ID( given that anonymousID will be merged retroactively), in a 30 minute timeout window. How would I accomplish this? I already tried changing the sessionID parameter to the userID, but when doing this, and testing out events, there are no sessions created at all….



Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!!

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