Amplitude Revenue [Verified] event on Amazon Kindle Fire

  • 23 March 2021
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Hello, I’m implementing revenue tracking for Amazon devices. I’m getting the revenue event but not the revenue [Verified] event. I’m testing the purchases through amazon live testing. 

user id= 4c93461e-a86b-4c35-9647-0b3a514fe255

amplitude id 244677427764

{"receiptId":"7ScSG2szT5w1BZPK96qE_Cw2iqxySSeg7uVMSVOu1pY=:1:12", "itemType":"CONSUMABLE", "purchaseDate":"Tue Mar 23 13:08:05 GMT-04:00 2021", "sku":"com.budgestudios.UnityIAP.Consumable2.A"}

Receipt SigRevenue



Event properties 



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6 replies

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Hi @kkarunakaran

Revenue verification is currently only available for Google Play and iTunes, but enablement for this can be found within out Help Center here:

I highly recommend reading over this documentation to better understand how to capture revenue verification.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Thanks a lot for reply @jarren.patao.

This part of the documentation mentions about amazon store verification which made me wondering why it was not working. May be the below link is outdated?

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Ah yes, you’re absolutely correct @kkarunakaran! Sincere apologies for that as it appears we just need to update our documentation on the Help Center to also include this information and I had forgotten about this verification as this isn’t one that I use myself. 

You’ll need to copy your Amazon Developer Shared Secret into the Sources & Destinations section of your project and send the ‘purchase token’ as the ‘receipt’ and the ‘user_id’ as the ‘receiptSignature’ for your purchase transactions coming in from Amazon. This is in relation to the below example provided in the developer documentation:

String purchaseToken = purchaseResponse.getReceipt();
String userId = getUserIdResponse.getUserId();

Revenue revenue = new Revenue().setProductId("").setQuantity(1);
revenue.setPrice(3.99).setReceipt(purchaseToken, userId);


It looks like you currently have a support ticket open so we will consolidate communications to that ticket if possible.


@jarren.patao  I already configured the sources and destination with Amazon Developer Shared Secret 

And below is the screenshot when I trigger a revenue event with purchaseToken and userId.



Not sure what I'm missing here, is my $receipt and $receiptSignature format correct. 


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Hi @kkarunakaran! Looks like we have an existing support ticket open with you regarding this issue. Please see our email response and we can continue our discussion there!

(PS. If you didn’t see our email, please check your spam folder)