Amplitude internal time zone doesn't match my local time zone.

  • 14 November 2022
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I seeing some inconsistencies between the times Amplitude is displaying and the actual times those things are boing done. This is outside the timestamps inherent in the event data. 


  1. I’m looking at my Events page and marking events with a status of planned.
  2. When I then hover over the “Planned” label, the UI displays a tooltip of “Created on Nov 13, 2022”
  3. The current time is 103pm 14 November 2022.
  4. When i click into the event I can see the created date as 5 mins ago, 
  5. I am located in New Zealand, the timezone for my project is set to “(UTC+13:00) Pacific/Auckland”

I’m assuming this is a time zone thing. It may be the time zone the tooltips are referencing is not the one my project is set to. 


Is this a bug? Is there a reason I'm seeing different numbers in 2 places? Could my events be picking up a different time zone for instance and that’s coming through in some places rather than others?

All our users are NZ based to every event should be happening on NZ time (UTC+13).

I also seem to be seeing events in the event stream that happen within hours of each other (say 9am and 11am) being spread across 2 days when I look at them in real time.



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Hi @AlexAsks ,


Thanks for writing in! This could be a time-zone issue but if you have your project set to NZ, it should be the same. Would you be so kind as to PM me your Org ID, Project ID and the email you use for Amplitude? I can then look into your settings and see what is happening. Thank you!


Kind Regards,

PMed you, thanks @Denis Holmes