Amplitude doesn't count revenue from Android

  • 18 January 2022
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Hi everyone! We have an issue with Revenue LTV.


We have our event “purchase” and it’s same as default revenue. With iOS users all goes good


Android users have same data (except $receipt) but this data ($price) doens’t count in Revenue LTV


We use Unity SDK. 
Thanks for answers! :)


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Hi @Kilyavi ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community :wave: I’m happy to help! 

Only the revenue events with the $revenue property will appear in the Revenue LTV chart! See documentation here.

As such, you should ensure your client-side and server-side revenue events have a $revenue property. Without it, the Revenue LTV chart will be unable to display any results.

The [Amplitude] Revenue event by default does not come with the $revenue property. Only the [Amplitude] Revenue (Verified) and [Amplitude] Revenue (Unverified) events have this property.

I took a look at your screenshots to see that the Android events only have the [Amplitude] Revenue event but not the [Amplitude] Revenue (Verified/Unverified) event that iOS events do. Would you mind checking your instrumentation on the SDK to see if you have turned on revenue verification for Android events?