Aggregated attribution data after iOS14 available in Amplitude?

  • 3 September 2021
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We are using Adjust as attribution tool and forward the data to Amplitude. With iOS14 an the SKAd Network we see aggregated data in Adjust for our paid networks but this data is not forwarded to Amplitude. My understanding is that Amplitude needs the IDFA or IDVF to match the attribution data with actual users, otherwise the data will be dropped. So currently the aggregated data from paid networks on iOS14 is completely missing in Amplitude. 

In the documentation on this topic ( I stumbled over this sentence: “We are working with attribution vendors to see whether there is any aggregated data that our customers can send to Amplitude.”


Any news on that…?



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3 replies

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Hi @Carolin Kobelt - welcome to the Community and I’m happy to help! 

Like what you said, Amplitude needs the advertising ID to match the attribution data with actual users, otherwise the data will be dropped. As such, if the aggregated data does not contain this identifier, then yes it will not be forwarded to Amplitude. 

I believe our Product team did previously try to see what aggregated data would look like and if the aggregated data can somehow segment into unaggregated device-level data to set user properties in Amplitude. However, that didn’t seem possible and therefore aggregated data is not sent to Amplitude. I have gone ahead and edited the Help Center doc accordingly - thank you for raising this to our attention! 


@belinda.chiu Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks for the clarification :)

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@Carolin Kobelt No problem!