Where can I get explanation of 'EXPORT DATA' from Export API?


I want to know about detail explanation of export json data.


Below is columns of export data.











"client_event_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:30.942000",

"client_upload_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:31.676000",















"event_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:30.942000",


















"processed_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:35.408296",



"server_received_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:32.657000",

"server_upload_time":"2022-07-03 11:00:32.660000",




"user_creation_time":"2022-07-01 02:03:32.045000",







Where can I find it?


Thank you for your help.


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Hey @aness 

I haven’t seen a detailed explanation for these export fields from the Export API in one place yet.

But most of them can be interpreted using the information in the following links -


Some of these fields are Amplitude related ids which Amplitude populates on its backend and most of the other fields are what is sent by your instrumentation - either the SDKs or HTTP API.


Let me know if this helps.

Hello @Saish Redkar

Thank you for answering!

It’s very helpful.


Have a good day:)


From Aness