Unity plugin missing user grouping feature

  • 5 September 2022
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I’ve been trying to add Amplitude to our Unity game, but in order to correctly user Amplitude’s data, we need to be able to group user’s into groups. The Unity documentation says that it is a supported feature, but the SDK does not include any functions around this. I’ve also created an issue on the Unity SDK github:


This is pretty important to our company because since users pay at the organization level, so we need to see how features affect organizations as a whole, not just at the user-level. 




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6 replies

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Hi @kevinbunarjo, could you let me know which Amplitude organization do you belong to? A link is fine! The groups will also only work if your organization is on a paying plan and has purchased the accounts add-on: 


Hi! Our organization is definitely on a payign plan (we use grouping in our iOS app):

The issue here is that the function to group users does’t actually exist on the Unity SDK. In particular this function (`Amplitude.getInstance().setGroup`) that is outlined in the documentation here:


@ning.chang am I missing something here?


Sorry for the scattered responses - I can’t seem to edit my replies haha. But if you look at the SDK repository, the `setGroup` function just doesn’t exist:

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Thanks for following up @kevinbunarjo I’ll ping the team who can take a closer look. 

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Closing the loop here! 

The engineering team let me know that they have added the setGroup method to the Unity SDK in v2.6.0. You can find the new version in the Releases page: