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  • 19 November 2021
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Hi, I am new to Amplitude Analytics.

We want to track the unique product page views of each user on our e-commerce marketplace app.

So we use a user property that will +1 every time the user opens a product detail page (when the “View Product” event is triggered).

But this number goes up as a user opens the same product page for several times, which is not what we want.

How can we solve this issue? 🙏🏻


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If you want to stick to the data schema you are currently using, this sounds like something you need to solve on the app side, not in Amplitude. For example, you could store the IDs of the viewed pages locally and update the user property accordingly.

Alternative approaches depends on what you are looking to do with this data. For example, you could create your event like this:

  • EventName: View Product
  • EventProperty: Product Page Id

Then you would be able to create cohorts based on the event and “distinct values of property” (you find this option by clicking on “count” after selecting your event while creating a cohort).


Hello @MikkoKarvonen,

Thank you for your advice.

We now store all the product IDs viewed locally, and +1 every time a new product ID is logged.

It’s not 100% perfect, but it’s definitely better!