Subscriptions with a trial period: how to properly track conversions?

Hi Everyone!

Do some of you have a subscription business model on mobile apps? Do you have a trial period for your subscriptions?

We have trouble properly tracking this, I mean the conversion after the trial period or the cancellation if the user cancels before the end of the trial period.

We use Google Play store and Apple App Store APIs.

I would be very interested by any feedbacks on successful implementations 🙏🙏🙏

Have a great day!



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Hi @florian_blanc Thanks for reaching out here 😃 I ran a quick search in the community and found this thread that might be useful. 

We also have an overview of recommendations in our Help Center and this update on the blog. Please keep us posted as you make progress and let me know if you find anything else that sparks interest.

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Hi Florian,

Could you elaborate on the issue you are facing? For example are you having trouble with what events to instrument or what charts to build? 




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Hi @florian_blanc I hope all is well. Circling back here. Were you able to find the answers you need? Please keep us posted as you make progress! 😀