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  • 5 August 2022
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We’ve released the new app build on Android using the native Google Play staged release  functionality (50\50 split release).


Unfortunately, we see that the new build’s average session length has dropped by ~20-25%: . We can’t understand how could this happen: the new build doesn’t have bugs or new features that could’ve dropped the session length so much. The most significant change we did is we’ve deleted lots of unused custom Amplitude events.


Tell me, please, have you ever experienced anything like that? Maybe you have any thoughts\ideas?


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Is it possible the Amplitude events you deleted in the new build were extending session length in the old build? The below may apply to your situation:

Additionally, hiddeninactive, and deleted events will not be included in the session length calculation. For example, let's say you have the following series of events:

Event A --> Event B --> Event C --> Event D

If Event C and Event D are hidden, inactive, or deleted in Govern, then the max(client_event_time) is taken from Event B instead of Event D. 


Here’s the link to the full support article:

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Thank you @SheenaGreen 😃