How to track time spent on specific section in a page

  • 28 May 2021
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Imagine you are in a landing page of website. After you scrolling, you read an article in a section called “announcement”. You finishes read that article, and continue scrolling, then you see photo gallery in section called “photos


How to track amount time spent on section Announcement, just Announcement without including time spent on Photos ?


Is there a way to trigger to start the tracker just by hovering mouse pointer into a section or just a touch on it without click any button/event


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Hi @eko  the best way to figure out how much time a user spends in one section is to see after how much time they did something else. Basically what you could do in Amplitude is to build a funnel where you are looking at the users who have performed the event “announcement” and then Any Event - you can then have a look at the breakdown table and look at the time to convert. This time would be a rough estimate of how much time your users are spending in the “announcement” page.