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  • 6 August 2021
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When sending an event through the Javascript SDK in an application I am using I pass event properties into the sendEvent method. I can see the desired object on the request to Amplitude when it sends the event and the object it attached to the event_properties field on the request payload. However, the event properties are not appearing in the UI and I don’t know why. I saw them for a few events then they stopped all together. I haven’t changed the code regarding sending the event at all so I don’t know what’s happening. Any ideas? Thanks!


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7 replies

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Hey @bjm.csse 
A couple of things to check here - 

  • Are you able to see those events being ingested for a user in the event stream along with their event properties? Try to switch between the "Info" and "Raw" data view in the top right-hand corner of the event details panel. The "Raw" view will display the raw JSON file that Amplitude received with that event. This view is useful for debugging the data you send to Amplitude.
  • If you are able to view your events and properties in the raw view, you might want to check the Govern section if those properties are blocked/hidden .

I have checked the “Raw” view and the “event_properties” field is empty despite there being an object in the field in the request payload with the properties I want to include.

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Hi @bjm.csse ,


Thanks for writing into Amplitude Community. I see you already had some assistance from @Saish Redkar ! Thank you Saish!


It is interesting you are using the JS SDK but the events have stopped coming in. Is your API Key still correct and the code instantiated? Were User and Event Properties coming in just fine before? Or was it only the event name? If you could post up some of the code here I can take a further look. Have you also looked at your govern for blocked/hidden events like Saish said? 


Here is some example code of an event I sent with the JS SDK ;


  var instance1 = amplitude.getInstance("instance1").init("API_KEY"); // initializes with the given options

    var event = "This is my event";
    var eventProperties = {
        "My Event Property": "ValueHere"
    instance1.logEvent(event, eventProperties);


Let me know if this helps and if not, we can discuss this in a PM !


This is what I have for code in the application where I am using Amplitude. I am still able to see the events in the dashboard including new events but I cannot see the properties on the events that I am sending. I was able to see them for a brief period not they are no longer on the events.

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Hi @bjm.csse ,


Would you be so kind as to post here the payload for the event? Or the code lines so I can see how you are logging the event? It is interesting events are logging but not their properties so if you can post a payload and/or some code you used to send the event, I can investigate further. Thank you!


You can PM me if it contains any sensitive info and you are not comfortable posting it here.


I figured out what was happening. Using “environment” as the property name must be a keyword for Amplitude and was getting filtered out. Using anything other that “environment” and it is working perfectly. Thank you for the help!


I think I’m running into the same problem with “group” as the property name.

Is there a list of reserved property names?