Domain Proxy using HTTP Api and Maintenance Browser SDK no longer working

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi there,

Our configuration for event tracking appears to no longer be working, as of ~March 13th.
Event ingestion has dropped to 0 since that date in our data -> sources -> ingestion debugging dashboard.
Our setup is as follows:
* Using the old browser SDK, amplitude-js
* Use apiEndpoint config option to override the destination API
* Specify our own Domain Proxy API endpoint, which is an nginx server configured to proxy to as per your documentation.

I realise the SDK we are using is marked as being in maintenance mode, but I don't see anywhere saying it should have stopped working entirely. Should we expect the above configuration to still be working? Or has something been disabled that we weren't aware of.


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4 replies

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Thanks for reaching out here @eva.leonard Has this continued to be an issue for you? I’ll loop in our support team given that you’ve already explored our docs and completed steps to troubleshoot.

Hi @Jeremie Gluckman, yes we’re still experiencing this problem. Any help you or your support team might have would be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you @eva.leonard Our support team will get back to you soon!

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Hi @eva.leonard I’m closing the loop here that the root issue was on your end and that this is resolved now.