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  • 24 December 2021
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We have created two project one for testing and one for Live Environment.

We implemented it last week only and sometimes Live Environment data is going in testing project by itself and the next day its coming in Live project.

We checked the key, there is no problem with respect to that, since Testing and Live environment has different keys.


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3 replies

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Hello @sanchit happy to help!

This sounds like an instrumentation issue. How are you ingesting data into Amplitude is it via an SDK, API, CDP, etc? How did you notice that data is going into the ‘wrong’ project?


We have implemented through SDK in our app.

I checked the data on user lookup for both the project, since we collected some of the data on our backend DB also, I realised the some days data was not captured in Live Project and when I checked the Testing Project, I find the data there.

Also while creating dashboard, there was a numbers mismatch between our backend data and data collected by amplitude on Live project.

I can walk you through the same, if we can schedule a call.

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Hello @sanchit thank you for getting back to me!

This is sounding like an issue with instrumentation. I would suggest removing one of the API Keys completely from your code base to prevent data from being ingested into that project. The SDK is ingesting data because the API Key for the project is enabled somewhere.

If you are using the JS SDK with multiple instances I would recommend going through the documentation, here.

As for data discrepancies, there is a helpful article about this that can be found here. What discrepancy are you noticing? The number of users or events?

Note: We don’t offer calls at this time.