Cohort for User who performed only given set activity(size=3) and didn't pefrom other set of activity(size > 20)

  • 16 June 2021
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In my problem statement I’m trying to filter users who only installed the application but didn’t use it.

To achieve that there are couple of events emitted , I need to allow to either group rest of the event in a bucket and allow filter for those who didn’t emit other using cohort feature.


Checked out this:

but using this would mean to manually remove all the other events which would be very cumbersome.



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I understand that you want to creat a cohort of users who only installed your application but did not use it.

To do this, you can set up the cohort to look for users who performed the "Applcation Installed" event more than or equal once, AND performed "Any Active Event" less than or equal once:

Since ​"Application Installed" is an active event, this set of parameters is ensuring that the cohort is looking for users who only performed "Application Installed" event in the last 30 days. The only caveat is that "Application Installed" is an event that can only be performed once for each user. 

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thank you for closing the loop and updating the post, @kanishka! :)