Getting started in the Amplitude Community

  • 5 January 2021
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Getting started in the Amplitude Community
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Welcome, everybody, to the Amplitude Community! We’re excited to have you here. This is the place where all Amplitude users can connect to find answers to questions about how to use Amplitude features, learn new ways to use the platform, network with other Amplitude users, and stay up to date on what’s new with Amplitude!

It’s your first time here, so we want to make sure you’re on the right track. Below, you’ll find a brief explanation of how to get started and the things you can do as part of this community. We’re all explorers of this space and we’ll build on it together as it grows over time. We’re here to reach new horizons.

Getting started in the Amplitude Community

  1. Log in and create a profile - click on the Login/Sign up button to start. If you are already an Amplitude user, it’s best you use the same email address you use to login to Amplitude (this way - if we need to escalate anything to our Support team, we’ll be able to link you to your account).

  2. Introduce yourself to the community - we want to hear from you and see who’s joined in our exploration! 

  3. Understand our T&C - it’s important to us that the Amplitude Community is a safe and welcoming environment for all its members. Our Legal team has put this together so everyone understands our guidelines. Our community moderators will ensure each member is following these rules and will reach out via private messages if we see anyone not following them. We will also ban repeat offenders who ignore our warnings. Again - this is to ensure everyone has a safe and welcoming experience.

  4. Learn about our categories - we’ve put some thought into the best way to organize content for discoverability. The linked article will go over each subcategory and what it’s for. Within each category, you can find questions, answers, and even discussions from community members or our Amplitude team.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go over all the things you can do as a member of the Amplitude Community. We encourage exploration, discussion, and feedback!


What you can do in the Amplitude Community

  • Search for content - our search bar allows you to find best practices, discussions, or answers to questions you may have that someone else already asked. The search results deliver content from both the community and our Amplitude Help Center. It will also return discussions that you can join with other members.

  • Post a question - want feedback from other members on an idea? Have an Amplitude product question? Post it to the community! In order to get the best response, be sure the title summarizes the question succinctly. To ensure discoverability, include the correct subcategory as well as tags that contain keywords that others may search for.

  • Start a discussion/ share ideas - the community is not only a place to ask questions but we also encourage each member to network and share things that are working well for them. We are all learning and exploring ways to make the most out of Amplitude - use this forum as a place to pass forward the good you’ve done!

  • Help others - feel like you’ve got a great understanding of Amplitude? Come help your fellow professionals in the Product Intelligence space. Our landing page has a Help Others section in the activity stream towards the bottom of the page.

  • Stay up to date on product releases - our Product Marketing team will be posting updates as new releases come along. Subscribe to this section of the community to receive emails with each new update. You can also utilize the community to ask questions about these new features - but be sure to check our Help Center and blog for information first.

  • Earn points, badges, and ranks - on the theme of exploration, we’ve put together a theme of space exploration as we all discover new ways to use Amplitude. You’ll see our mascot, the Datamonster, throughout the community. As you engage more with content and help others, you’ll earn more of these rewards we’ve set up. You might even snag yourself some Amplitude swag!

  • Reputation bar - you might have noticed a blue bar next to your profile icon. This measures how much you’ve given to the community and how appreciated you are by your peers.

  • Join a user group - as of right now we only have one user group for Amp Champs. Over time, we will be adding more groups where end-users of similar backgrounds, locations, or interests can get together and exchange ideas with one another.


What to expect from the Amplitude Community team

We want to make things fun and engaging for you in a safe space. Our Technical Support team will be moderating content, as a way of ensuring the information being shared here is accurate and not offensive. We’ll also post best practices that we’re seeing from other end-users who write into Support. Additionally, members of our Marketing team will provide product updates and moderate the Amp Champs user group. 

Overall, we will do our best to bring interesting content to you - whether it’s an Amplitude Engineer highlighting new features to get your direct feedback, an “Ask Me Anything” with a member of our team, or highlighting community discussion topics. This is an evolving space and we want to hear from you on what content you want to see.


With that, we at Amplitude hope you all enjoy what the community has to offer. Drop a comment below as you start your exploration.

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