Measuring avg time between steps cross users

  • 18 September 2022
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I’ve steps in the platform the can be triggered by different users and I want to measure the avg time between steps.


For example I’ve task and each task have status (open, in progress, done) and I want to see the avg time for moving open to in progress and in progress to done.

But the events can be triggered by different users.

How can I do it? should I using funnel or any other chart?




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Hey @GalSaada 

From what I understand, you need the avg time between the steps of a given task completion and this task can be completed by multiple users ?

If you have a task_id instrumented as an event property on your various steps, then using the holding constant clause ( for task_id ) should give you what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your quick help, unfortunately that doesn’t seems to work cross users.

I created segmentation chart where you can see all events related to procedure_id  and we have 4 events for annotation change. but when moving to funnel the last event doesn’t appear.


Any idea? 


@Saish Redkar 

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Can you play around the completed within clause and the time period of the funnel chart? Not sure if I can think of any specific thing which can cause this behavior.

If not, then maybe one of the Platform Specialists can have a look at your org data to further dig into your chart
@Denis Holmes@belinda.chiu 

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Hi @gal! Welcome to the Amplitude Community 👋 

A key thing I realized after reading your question more is that you may have different users performing these events. Since the Funnel chart looks at unique user’s conversion, the Funnel chart with its inherent avg time calculation may not work for you since the events don’t fall under one user. 

If we stick with the Funnel approach which has inherent calculation in between steps, then there are two suggestions to workaround and utilize Funnel chart still: 

  1. Send the events to all users that are part of the procedure or create a “user” for each procedure and send all of the procedure events to that “user” 
  2. Use our Accounts add-on feature to do group-level reporting which allows you to use a different unit of measurement other than users, i.e. procedures in your case. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to our Sales team at for more information. 

Otherwise, the only option is to track the time between steps on your own as a property - an instrumentation like this 

and then you can group by or query on that property. 

Hope this helps!