Get creative with custom bracket retention!

  • 30 March 2021
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First, a little background.


If you didn’t know, Bracket Retention offers more flexibility and freedom than N-Day retention; it allows you to define your retention period. Essentially, this powerful tool can be used to analyze retention based on your product’s specific usage interval. 


Bracket retention allows you to define any bracket of time you want, from a single day/week/month to multiple days/weeks/ months. On the x-axis, N-day retention maximums are 30-day, 24-week, and 12-month retention respectively. But what if you’re hoping to see beyond the default scope? Custom brackets make this possible!


Say you’re looking to see weekly retention for the entire year. Using weekly granularity, you can create custom brackets for all 52 weeks of the year:




Amplitude will conveniently save your custom brackets to the metrics module. That way you can easily reference the same 52-week bracket again for future retention charts. How have you tried using custom brackets in your analysis?

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