Amplitude Community Super User Program

  • 28 June 2021
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Amplitude Community Super User Program
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Hey, fellow Data Monsters! 


I’m reaching out to you today with some great news! You already know that helping others and sharing your ideas in the Amplitude Community questions and topics will earn you our space-themed ranks and badges, but maybe you’re someone who feels like their hard work deserves a bit more recognition than that. Do you want to show off your great work outside the Amplitude Community? Well, now we have you covered. 


Introducing the Amplitude Super Users Program!


What is this new Super Users Program, you might ask? Well, let me give you a brief description of what awaits you for your helpfulness outside of the epic ranks and badges. 


  • If you’re a horizon-expanding Super User, you’ll earn an Amplitude Community Social Media Clout Kit. Some of the items in the kit are Zoom and LinkedIn Amplitude Community-themed backgrounds, and of course, part of this kit will be a unique badge.  →  Unlocked at 750 points and raking up to Astronaut-in-training
  • If you persevere in your quest to help others, then you’ll have the opportunity to speak to our community team, share your feedback, and if you want to, we can even highlight who you are and your background in using Amplitude and our community in a featured post, which we can then share via social media.  →  Unlocked at 1250 points and raking up to Astronaut-in-training
  • Finally, all your hard work will land you a sweet Amplitude-themed gift box. → Unlocked at 1500 points and raking up to Astronaut


What is the exact way to earn these awards? What is the superuser selection based on? Well, it all comes down to how much you contribute to the Amplitude Community. This means that the more points you accumulate the higher the reward you can get. To see where your score is, check out the all time leaderboard here


We are continuing to work on making the Amplitude Community the best place to be—so while this is all we can share for now, please leave some feedback on some things you’d like to see in the future! In the meantime, continue helping others, and thank you for all your contributions.



The Amplitude Community Team

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